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  CARDIO Made for iPod Made for iPod
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Made for iPod
  Available Documents and Information:
  • Assembly Diagrams & Parts
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700-0115  •  MADE FOR IPOD KIT, E-TR

700-0116  •  MADE FOR IPOD KIT, E-BTS
  • Owners Manual
  No Owners Manual Available   * * * Sorry, there is no owners manual available at this time * * *
  • Assembly & Setup
  Installation and Assembly - Made for iPod 2011-07-08
  • Customer Services Bulletin
  Nike+ and eFitness Requirements - E-TR, E-TRx, E-RB, E-UB, E-TBT, E-ST 2010-08-16
  • Data Sheet/Specifications
  Made For iPod Compatibility - CCB Version 1.09-1.12 2011-02-15