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Preventative Maintenance & Service Contracts
Ensure that your Star Trac equipment will run as strong and capable as the first day you bought it by investing in a Star Trac Preventative Maintenance or Service Contract, Preserving your equipment as excessive use takes its toll will ensure the longest possible life and lowest long-term cost of ownership, while reducing product downtime. From Spinner® bikes to treadmills, we offer the industry's most complete programs, including one-time, semi-annual, quarterly options as well as yearly full coverage plans for your Star Trac equipment.
Request a Quote
If you would like to be contacted about our Preventative Maintenance and Service contracts please request a quote today.
Welcome to the Star Trac Customer Services Website!
Here you will find information on just about everything, from Technical flowcharts, Part Replacement procedures, Part Diagrams, Online Ordering, clearing a Rewax prompt, News and Updates, upcoming Seminar schedules, Owners Manuals and more!
New Technical Documents, Videos, and Online-Interactive
Documents & Bulletins
36 new in the past 90 days
Star Trac Spinner® NXT BlackBelt Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/23/2014
Star Trac Spinner® NXT BlackBelt Assembly & Setup
Released 07/23/2014
Adjustable Pull Pin Carriage
Inspiration DAP Machine/Multi-Station Cross Overs
Released 07/21/2014
Fan and Cage Replacement
Turbo Trainer
Released 07/21/2014
Star Trac E-UB / E-RB Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/15/2014
Star Trac Turbo Trainer Assembly & Setup Guide
Released 07/15/2014
Star Trac S-TR Treadmill Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/10/2014
Star Trac E-SM Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/10/2014
Star Trac Turbo Trainer Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/01/2014
S-CTx Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/01/2014
E-CT/E-TBT Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/01/2014
E-TR Preventative Maintenance
Released 07/01/2014
Star Trac Spinning® Preventative Maintenance
Released 06/30/2014
Belt Replacement
NXT Belt Bike
Released 06/30/2014
Watts Troubleshooting
Spinner ® BLADE ION™
Released 06/06/2014
ION Console – No Power or Watts Measurements
Spinner® Blade ION
Released 06/06/2014
TurboTrainer Installation Checklist
Released 06/02/2014
Owners Manual
Released 05/14/2014
Owners Manual
Released 05/14/2014
Install Checklist Star Trac CT-TBT
Released 05/14/2014
Install Checklist Star Trac E-SM Stairmill
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Dual Adjustable Pulley
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Embedded
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Leverage Strength
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist MultiStation
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Selectorized Strength
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Smith Machine
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Star Trac Cardio Bikes
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Star Trac E-ST Stepper
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Star Trac E-TC Treadclimber
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Star Trac Spinner Blade Ion
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Star Trac Spinning
Released 05/14/2014
Installation Checklist Star Trac Treadmill
Released 05/14/2014
Eliminate Pulley Rubbing Noise
All Cable Driven Products (Inspiration)
Released 05/07/2014
Squeaking Idler Tension Screw
Released 05/01/2014
Range of Motion Arm
Impact Kneeling Leg Curl (9LA-S1311)
Released 04/30/2014
50 new in the past 90 days
Coach Window Blank and Touch Not Responding - Treadmill Embedded Touch Screen w/ Coach
Released 06/30/2014
Quick Start/Stop Keypad Replacement
Released 06/11/2014
E-SM - Erratic Speed
Released 04/24/2014
Spinner® BLADE ION - Badge Falling Off
Released 04/16/2014
Error Code 21 and Plastic Rib Interference (Bikes, CrossTrainers and Stepper Embedded Touch Screen)
Released 04/10/2014
Spinner® Crank Arms Replacement - Morse Taper
Released 04/01/2014
Spinner® Bottom Bracket Replacement - Morse Taper
Released 03/31/2014
3rd Generation Embedded Screen Introduction
Released 03/26/2014
E-TC Shroud Removal
Released 03/18/2014
S-TRc - Uploading Display Software
Released 02/25/2014
Spinner® BLADE ION - Lubrication of Load Cell
Released 02/05/2014
E-TC - Uploading Display Software on the TreadClimber®
Released 01/17/2014
E-SM Display Pause
Released 01/09/2014
Oily Substance on Steps/Leaky Transmission
Released 01/09/2014
Spinner NXT Black Belt PM
Released 01/08/2014
Treadle Sensor Test
Released 12/23/2013
Installing FISP Software to the PC
Released 12/23/2013
TC Belt Tension and Tracking
Released 05/30/2013
TC Belt and Deck Replacement
Released 05/29/2013
TreadClimber Headroller Replacement
Released 05/24/2013
TreadClimber Tailroller Replacement.
Released 05/13/2013
Battery Drain and Chain Tension - E-SM
Released 03/21/2013
4000 DFR Code Troubleshooting
Released 03/07/2013
Identifying Noises on the Spinner® Blade
Released 03/04/2013
Cleaning Strength Guide Rods
Released 10/02/2012
Embedded Treadmill No Power
Released 08/30/2012
Determining DFR Codes for Check Speed System/Check Motor System
Released 08/30/2012
Polishing Frames
Released 08/30/2012
Reseating the DOM on a DCI Embedded Screen
Released 08/07/2012
E-TRx and S-TRc - Belt Rolling Backwards
Released 07/03/2012
Proper Way to Adjust the Seat Post
Released 05/31/2012
E-CT - Pulley Alignment and Drive Belt Replacement
Released 05/31/2012
Cleaning the Embedded Touch Screens
Released 04/26/2012
Crank Assembly Instructions
Released 04/18/2012
Type 2 Embedded Touch Screen: Green TV Picture
Released 03/06/2012
Updating eSpinner® Display Software
Released 01/05/2012
Checking the Drive Motor Thermostat
Released 12/20/2011
Checking the Drive Belt Tension
Released 12/15/2011
Checking the MCB for DFR Codes
Released 12/14/2011
Verify Drive Motor Is Isolated
Released 12/14/2011
Checking for Wear on a Star Trac Running Belt
Released 11/30/2011
Cleaning Between the Running Belt and Deck
Released 11/30/2011
Star Trac Strength Impact Seated Leg Curl - PR Shock Adjustment
Released 10/20/2011
Spinner NXT (7170) Drive Train Sound
Released 10/14/2011
Calibrating the Embedded Touch Screen
Released 04/22/2011
Calibrating the eSpinner® Touch Screen
Released 04/22/2011
Checking the Bleeder on a Star Trac AC Motor Treadmill
Released 03/28/2011
Star Trac Spinner® NXT Handlebar Post Spacer
Released 10/10/2010
How To Change a TR4000 Running Belt
How To Test a Pot (Potentiometer)